CMS Release 3.45.0

Discover the latest enhancements in our CMS, including faster backend communication, an enhanced Tags sidebar, upgraded Fans United Management widgets, and Slovak language support.

What’s new?

  • Faster calls from front end to back end
    • We’ve reduced the login time in all back-end services with API calls executed much faster, resulting in rapid search and delivery of information.
  • Tags sidebar improvement for all content types
    • The Tags sidebar in Articles, Videos, Galleries, and Wiki pages has undergone a major update. Among several things, we’ve refactored the communication mechanism between Tags and Blocky for a more efficient and scalable approach to the system.
  • Update of Fans United Management widgets to the latest version (Top X Manager, Match Quiz Manager, Leaderboard Manager)
  • Slovak language available in all Widgets


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Thank you for your time. We’ll keep updating you on the latest system changes.
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