CMS Release 3.48.0

Unveiling the Exciting Updates: Introducing Football Widgets v2, New Tennis Widgets, and Basketball Enhancements!


Important note: Rest assured, both the previous and new widget versions will be accessible in the CMS. We'll gradually transition from Football Widgets v1 to ensure a seamless and enriched creative experience.

Please note that if you wish to access the new widgets, it is essential to request the version 2 widgets. Once enabled, kindly remember to perform a fresh login in our CMS to experience the full functionality of the new widgets.


What’s new?

But that's not all! You can also enrich your content with basketball and tennis widgets.
Available Tennis widgets
Available Basketball widgets
We're planning to roll out two new tennis widgets by the end of July – Tennis Playoff Widget and Tennis Ranking Widget.
We appreciate your continued support and patience as we strive to make Sportal365 CMS your favorite sports data hub. We'll continue to keep you posted on the latest system enhancements.
Wishing you a fantastic day and a productive week ahead!