CMS Release 3.50.0

Introducing Audio Block and Enhanced Content Optimization: Elevate Your Content Creation with Sportal365

What's new: 

  • **Audio Block:** Our new feature that takes your content to the next level. Now, you can add custom live audio commentary to your Articles, Videos, and Galleries. Catering to a wide range of sports and languages, this feature offers a choice between two prestigious providers - Spotlight and GB Vision. The result? An unmatched, tailored user experience that makes your creations stand out and engage your audience more effectively. 
  • **Improved Content Optimization Sidebar:** We've reengineered our content optimization sidebar for a seamless experience. Now, it's even more user-friendly and readily available for all three main content types.

Here's to creating and innovating with Sportal365. 


Thank you for your time. Wishing you a fantastic day and a productive week ahead!