CMS Release 3.56.0

Sportal365's latest update focuses on refining user experience with manual tagging and improved article loading, promising more enhancements in the future.

What's New in this Release:

  1. Refined Automated Tagging:

    • Previously, some tags were missed when clicking outside of the text box.
    • Now, users have full control over tags with manual tag addition after finalizing their text. This ensures that every necessary tag is applied consistently.
  2. Smarter Article Loading:

    • Previously, article loading could lead to errors or unintended navigation to different articles during editing.
    • Now, users can enjoy a seamless and error-free editing experience with a new loader that ensures articles load accurately and quickly.

The Sportal365 team is dedicated to ongoing development and promises more updates in the future, including new features and enhancements to maintain Sportal365 as the top choice for sports content management. Stay tuned for further improvements and features!