CMS Release 3.58.1

Sportal365 introduces Scheduled Lists, Article Lock, and improvements to their Tennis Ranking Widget in their latest update, along with bug fixes. We value user feedback to enhance sports content creation.

We're thrilled to announce our latest round of updates to enhance your content creation journey. Dive right into what’s new: 
🌟 New Features
1. Scheduled Lists
Ever wished to master the timing of your content? Say hello to Scheduled Lists!
  • Scheduled Lists is a powerful tool that allows you to control the timing of your content.
  • You can choose when the list becomes available and set a specific due date for it to expire.
  • This feature is especially useful for timed campaigns and event-centric content.
  • Key Benefit: With Scheduled Lists, you get automated visibility that aligns perfectly with your strategy, ensuring maximum impact.
  • Please note, that to use this feature, you need to request it via email to our support team.
2. Article Lock
Boost your editorial process with our new Article Lock feature. This feature is now available in your project. To start using this feature, we kindly ask you to log in again.
  • Prevents overlapping edits and safeguards against editorial mishaps.
  • Key Benefit: A consistent editorial quality with fewer hiccups.
  • Please note that this is the first version of the feature and it's currently not optimized for mobile devices. For example, minimizing or closing the browser on your phone will not unlock the article. Similarly, if the CMS crashes, your internet connection stops, or you force shut down your PC, the article will remain locked. However, our team is continuously working on improving this feature.
🛠️ Improvements
Tennis Ranking Widget: Game, Set, & Match!
  • Introducing offset to customize your display.
  • Choose the standing type that suits your narrative.
  • Now highlight players to spotlight key athletes.
🔧Plus, Bug Fixes
We've tackled some bugs for a smoother experience!
We're always eager to hear your feedback. Feel free to drop us a line or share your experience. Thanks for being part of the Sportal365 community. Let's keep shaping the future of sports content together!