CMS Release 3.74.0

Sportal365 CMS 3.74.0: Expanded auto-tagging, new text editor, image description, Fans United & image linking updates, filtering options, default odds, and performance improvements.

We are excited to announce the launch of Sportal365 CMS Version 3.74.0, our latest update packed with innovative features, significant enhancements, and essential bug fixes designed to elevate your content management and creation capabilities. Dive into the details of what's new and how these updates can transform your workflow:


🌟 What's New in Version 3.74.0:

  • Enhanced Auto-Tagging for All Sports: Auto-tagging has been expanded beyond football to encompass all sports. To facilitate this, you'll need to configure new statistical pages for each entity. Send your custom links for integration to, and we'll ensure your audience enjoys seamless navigation to these pages.

  • Revamped Text Editor: A brand new text editor is now available within the CMS, offering advanced features and a more user-friendly experience for your editorial team.

  • Text Editor Bug Fixes and Improvements: We've addressed known issues and implemented enhancements to ensure the text editor performs smoothly, supporting your content creation process.

  • Author's Social Media Links: Now available upon request, we can create and integrate authors' social media links, enhancing the connectivity between your content and social platforms.

  • Automatic Image Description Inclusion: On request, we can enable the option to automatically include image descriptions from third-party providers, enriching your content with relevant metadata.

  • Fans United Update: Stay tuned for the latest enhancements in our Fans United feature, designed to engage and unite fans like never before.

  • Enhanced Image Linking Options: Images can now include a link and link text, offering a richer interactive experience for your audience.

  • Editorial Lists Filtering: You now have the option to filter content in Editorial Lists by active or inactive status, streamlining content management.

  • Default Display Odds: For Football v2, Basketball, and Tennis widgets, display-odds will be checked by default. The selection of a bookmaker remains optional, providing flexibility in how odds are presented.

  • Third-Party Image Gallery Creation: The ability to use images from third-party providers to create galleries offers a new dimension to your visual storytelling.

  • Liveblog Injury Minute Display: The minute of an injury is now visibly marked in liveblog posts, providing real-time insights to your audience.

  • CMS Performance Enhancements: Continuous improvements and bug fixes have been applied to the CMS, ensuring a stable and efficient platform for your content creation needs.

  • Basketball Standings Widget Default Tab: You can now select a default tab for the Basketball Standings widget, tailoring the initial view to your audience's preferences.

🚀 Note: To take full advantage of CMS Version 3.74.0, please perform a logout and login.


These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to providing a powerful, intuitive content management system that meets the evolving needs of sports content creators. Your feedback is crucial in shaping future updates and enhancements.


Explore the new features, and benefit from the improvements, and as always, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you for being a valued member of the Sportal365 community.