CMS Release 3.75.5

Sportal365 CMS V3.75.5 enhances user experience with critical bug fixes, text editor improvements, SEO adjustments, and auto-tagging enhancements.

We're excited to bring you the latest update to the Sportal365 CMS - Version 3.75.5. This release focuses on improving the user experience with critical bug fixes and enhancements. Let's delve into the specifics:


🚀 Note: Please note that it is important for you to logout and login again to see the fixes in your project.


🌟 New Feature Enhancement

Text Editor:

  • Formatted Text Paste Improvement: Previously, pasting formatted text from Word at the bottom stripped the formatting. We've rectified this issue to maintain formatting integrity.
  • New Text Editor Buttons: To optimize your workflow, we've introduced three new buttons:
  1. Paste format from Word only (DEFAULT)
  2. Paste with format
  3. Paste without format

    Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 9.48.44

🚀 Note: These options remain active until a different choice is selected, giving you greater control over text formatting.


🐞 Bug Fixes and Enhancements in Version 3.75.5:

Text Editor:

  • Cursor Placement on Split: Splitting text with the Enter key now correctly positions the cursor at the beginning of the new paragraph, enhancing editing fluidity.

Slug and SEO Field Fixes:

  • Slug Symbol Removal: The "|" symbol is now removed from slugs instead of being replaced with "or", streamlining content organization.
  • SEO Field Functionality Fix: The "Generate automatically from SEO title" checkbox now functions as intended, improving SEO management.

Usability Improvements:

  • Related Content Navigation: Clicking on an article in the related content tab now opens it in a new window, safeguarding against the loss of unsaved work.

Auto Tagging and Tagging Enhancements:

  • Auto-Tagging for Split Text: Auto-tagging now successfully identifies entities when text is separated by Shift+Enter, enhancing tagging accuracy.
  • Tagging System Fix: We've resolved an issue where tagging two teams and a tournament led to the tournament tag being removed upon saving. Your tags will now remain intact.
  • Slug Usage in Auto-Tagging: Auto-tagging can now incorporate slugs in generated links, providing a more seamless navigation experience for your audience.

🚀 Note: Please note that it is important for you to logout and login again to see the fixes in your project.


This update is part of our commitment to continually improve the Sportal365 CMS, ensuring it remains a powerful tool for your content creation needs. Your feedback plays a crucial role in this process, and we are eager to hear your thoughts on these improvements.