CMS Release 3.80.0

Sportal365 CMS Version 3.80.0 introduces three new widgets: the Football Stakes Widget to boost user engagement and sponsor visibility, and the Multi-Sport Widget for displaying multiple sports and competitions.

We are pleased to announce the release of Sportal365 CMS Version 3.80.0, featuring three innovative widgets that are set to transform how you engage with your audience and optimize your product mix for better commercial results. Here’s what you need to know about these new additions and how to get started:


🌟 New Widgets in Version 3.80.0:

  • Football Stakes Widget:

    • Two variations: The Football Stakes Widgets come in two variations: 
      • Pre-calculated: This variation displays calculated potential winnings on a pre-defined betting stake based on the live odds for which team will win 
      • Interactive: This variation allows users to calculate their potential winnings on the odds for 1x2 market by entering the amount they would like to bet 
    • Innovative Concept: A relatively new approach in news media that would significantly enhance user interaction and click-through rates.
    • Commercial Benefits: Offers increased visibility and conversion rates for betting sponsors, aiding in generating additional revenue.
    • Learn More: For more information on how to use the Stakes Widget, visit the Football Stakes Widget Knowledgebase.

    Please note: The stakes widget will only be activated upon request. Some work may be necessary by your Front-end development teams to display the widgets correctly.

  • Multi-Sport Widget:

    • Flexible Display Options: Offers the ability to combine multiple sports and competitions in a single widget. You have full control over which sports, competitions and events to display, enhancing user interaction.
    • Note: This widget allows displaying any sport & competition for which you have purchased the data, even if there are no other widgets available in the Sportal365 widget library.  
    • Pre-Activation Requirement: Please contact us if you would like to change the default order of Sports and Competitions that is already set.

    This setup ensures that your content is tailored precisely to your audience’s preferences.


🚀 Note: To experience the full benefits of CMS Version 3.80.0, please proceed with a fresh login.


We believe these new widgets will offer you innovative ways to engage your audience and enhance the commercial performance of your content within Sportal365. Your feedback is crucial to us, and we encourage you to explore these new features and share your experiences.


Thank you for your continued partnership and for being an essential part of the Sportal365 community. Let's continue to innovate and lead the way in sports content creation!