Football Player Widget

The Football Player Widget provides basic and advanced statistics about a player. When creators add the widget to their content, it allows them to create a player dossier, so to speak, displaying information such as:

  • Personal player info (e.g. Height, Weight, Age, and so on)
  • Player stats during a selected tournament (e.g. Champions League)
  • Granular control over displayed information (e.g. Goals, Shots, Assists, Red Cards, and so on)

Adding Football Player Widget to a post 

To set up the widget:

  1. Select Football Widgets v2 > Football Player Profile Widget.

2. Enter a player’s name in the Player field.

3. Fill in the Tournament Seasons > Stage > Match fields.

Note: Your match selection will depend on the tournament you select.


4. By selecting Display tabs navigation, you will be able to display statistical information about matches and performance sorted under four tabs – INFO, STATS, MATCHES, PREDICTIONS.

Note: If you don’t check the Display tabs navigation box, no statistical information will be displayed.


5. In the Select info parameters field, select whether you want to show information about the player’s position, date of birth, country, and height.

6. Select the player parameters you want to show in the Select statistics parameters field.

7. When done, select Save Block.

Preview of the Football Player Widget


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