Football Single Event Widget

The Football Single Event Widget lets users show information about (specific) future, past, and interrupted matches, as well as betting odds. Statistical information is sorted into three categories:

  • Upcoming matches
  • Past matches
  • Interrupted matches

Adding Football Single Event Widget to a post

To set up the widget:

  1. Select Football widgets v2 > Football Single Event Widget.
    single event (2)
  2. Enter a team in the Team field. 

3. Select one of the tabs and then a match. 

Note: When you select to display info about an upcoming match, you can integrate a Fans United experience and let readers participate in a free game and vote for their predicted match winner.

4. Check the Display odds box if you want to show odds from specific betting companies.

5. Activate a Fans United gamified experience by checking the boxes.

6. When done, select Save Block.

Preview of The Football Single Event Widget



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