An IMAGO block can be added as supporting material to the body of all three main content types–Articles, Galleries, and Videos.

IMAGO is one of Europe’s largest independent photo agencies and producers of sports content.

Now, users can add IMAGO content blocks to their Articles / Videos / Galleries and search an image bank with a repository as large as Getty’s.

Adding IMAGO images to your posts

To search and add an IMAGO image to your Article / Video / Gallery:

  1. Open an Article from the + menu. select Content and then Imago.


2. When the IMAGO block opens, enter your search query.


*Note that you can search only in English.

3. To select a picture from the suggested list, hover over it.


4. When done, select Save Block.

When you save your block, notice the text that appears next to the image. It is up to you and your front-end team to decide what information to display on your website.