Live Blog

Enhance your live coverage with our Live Blog feature, delivering minute-by-minute updates for football matches and breaking news. This tool offers editorial and marketing teams a dynamic content avenue to captivate their audience.

Our newly introduced Liveblog feature empowers editorial and marketing teams with a versatile content format to enrich their coverage and sales inventory. This dynamic tool enables real-time event coverage, presenting information post-by-post in a visually appealing manner.

The initial release of Liveblog focuses on enhancing the editorial team's capabilities for live, minute-by-minute coverage of football matches.

Key features include:

  1. Automated Event Coverage: Seamless integration with live data feeds automates posting of key match events. Posts can be edited to include editorial comments and descriptions.

  2. Contextual Information with Widgets: A suite of relevant football widgets enhances coverage with additional contextual information.

  3. Engaging Multimedia Integration: Multimedia embedding capabilities add color and engagement before, during, and after each match.

  4. Sponsorship and Advertising Integration: Each post can be tagged with a sponsor/advertiser, enabling the application of appropriate styles for sponsored content on the front end.

This is just the beginning – stay tuned for additional features and enhancements in future updates!

Getting Started

1. Setting up a Live Blog event

  • Start by configuring and creating a Live Blog Event.
  • There are two types of live blogs: one for news and one for football matches.

2. Crafting content

  • Write and publish captivating content for your event.

Configuring a Live Blog

1. Begin the Live Blog:

Go to Live Blog from the dashboard menu and choose New Live Blog.

2. Event Details

  • First, decide the type of live blog: select match live blog in the Type field.

Note: If you select to create a news live blog, the Sports configuration tab will disappear.

  • Fill out the mandatory fields: Event title, Start time, Main category, and Main image.

Note: You can choose between Image/Video/Gallery for your Main media.

  • Click on Next to proceed.

3. Sports configuration

  • Pick the sport your event centers on.
  • Next, choose the Tournament. This lets you select the participating teams.
  • Add specific events by clicking on the Events button.

4. Additional Settings:

  • Tweak details for your live blog such as:
    • Language
    • Number of pages available
    • Number of authors and collaborators
  • Additionally, add your live blog to a list of articles for greater visibility.

Publishing Live Blog content

  1. Crafting your post
  • Choose a live blog from the list.

  • The editing panel lets you build your content.
  • Use standard editing tools and add diverse content, like odds or football widgets.
  • Tag your posts with sponsors, set the event time, and other key details.

  • Once satisfied, hit Publish.

Note: You have the option to save your article as a draft or highlight sections of your post.

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