Most decorated player

Use Sportal365’s widgets to display various sports information and allow users to engage, and interact with the platform.

The Most decorated players football widget lets you display information about the most decorated players from a selected tournament and season.   

You can highlight decorated players and change the size of your list, as well as show contextual information about First yellow cards, Yellow cards, Red cards, and a Total number of cards.

Adding the Most decorated players widget to a post:

To add a Most decorated player widget to a post (Article, Video, or Gallery):

  1. Select the + button to open the blocks menu.

  2. Then, Football widgets-->Most decorated player.

  3. Once the widget configuration panel opens, select a Tournament and Season in the designated boxes.

When you do that, you will notice other boxes appear below.


4. Use the Pick columns to show box to select card information.


5. Select the players you want to highlight in the Pick players to highlight in your list box. 


Note that if you don’t select a player to highlight, your list will have as many positions as you set in the Show box below.


Use the Preview details section to set the number of decorated players to show in your list, and what position you want the list to start from (e.g., position 1 or 5, and so on).


If you highlight a player in the Preview details section, you can use the Offset box to set how many players to show in your list above and below the player you have highlighted.


6. When done, select Save Block.