Make a copy of an existing post and save it as new.

The duplication of posts is a new feature that lets journalists and editors clone an existing post, edit it, and save it as new. It increases the speed of content creation in such cases when journalists cover pre -and post-game events (e.g. press conferences) or cover a developing story.

Note that you can duplicate Articles, Videos, and Galleries.

How to duplicate an article, video, or gallery?

To duplicate a post, you need to:

  1. Go to the navigation menu--> Articles (Videos or Galleries)

  2. Choose the article you want to duplicate and go to the Edit button.

  3. Expand the Edit button--> Copy Article.


Once you select the copy option, a new Create Article screen with the content of the original article will open. Also, you will notice that there is an [Copy] in front of the post’s title indicating that this is a duplicated post.



4. When you are done editing the content of your copied post → Save Article.


Note that to preserve your duplicated post you need to save it. It’s not automatically saved when you clone it.