Select the SEO settings for the content type you are creating.

Optimizing your content for the internet is important because it helps search engines discover, index, and offer your content to people searching online.

In the SEO tab, you will find several options to make your content easy to find online.


SEO Title

Use the SEO Title field to write an alternative title for your article, video, or gallery. If you want to keep as SEO title the headline of your content, select Copy SEO title from the main title.

SEO description

After you enter an SEO description, it normally goes into the metadata of your page for search engines to scrape and index. However, it’s up to you where else you will display the SEO description. For example, the SEO description can serve as a sub-title of an article.

SEO keywords

The SEO keywords are meta keywords also part of your page data. You can customize your article, video, or gallery by adding existing tags, creating new tags, or directly writing words that describe the content you are working on in the SEO Keywords field.


A slug is the part of the URL that explains your page's content. Writing a good slug for your page or post can positively affect your SEO because you can insert keywords in your slugs and create user-friendly URLs.

Content creators can write slugs themselves or select Generate automatically from SEO title to automate the process.

Allow indexing

Allow indexing is an option selected by default, which allows webmasters to tell search engines whether or not to index specific news.

Allow following

Allow the following to relate to the links on a specific web page. By selecting/deselecting this option, you determine whether search engines indexing a web page should also index the links on it.