Squad statistics widget

Use Sportal365’s widgets to display various sports information and allow users to engage, and interact with the platform.

The Squad statistics widget lets you show various team statistics during a specific season. Moreover, the widget allows you to show–and break into details– the information about each player's position on the team. This is a great tool if you want to create more context about teams in your posts.

Adding the Squad statistics widget to a post:

To add the Squad statistics widget to a post (Article, Video, or Gallery):

  1. Select the + button to open the blocks menu.

  2. Then, Football widgets--> Squad statistics.

  3. Once the widget configuration panel opens, select a Team and Season in the designated boxes.


Note that if you don’t select a team and season you won’t be able to continue.


4. Select what position you want to display. You can choose between one or several player positions.


5. In the Statistical columns: boxes, select what additional information you want to show for each position.


When done, select Save Block.