Organizing content with Statistical entities

Use statistical information for players, teams, or tournaments from the Football API to tag and organize your content.

Statistical entities is a group term for all the statistical information that comes from the Football API and can be used to tag your content. Statistical entities are a type of statistical tags, also called “Football Connections”, used to specify to which match, player, or team a certain news article is related to.

Difference between tags and statistical entities

One difference between tags and statistical entities is in the creator and source of information.

  • Tags–created, organized, and supported by journalists inside the CMS.

  • Statistical entities (Football connections)–information fed directly to CMS from Football API, not created or supported by journalists.

Another distinction between tags and statistical entities is the context they are used in.

For example, if you write a post about Matthijs De Ligt’s transfer from Ajax to Juventus, and you’ve tagged it with “transfer of De Ligt to Juventus”, all articles you create with this tag will be in the same place.

At the same time, if you tag your post with football connections, “Juventus, Ajax, De Ligt”, your post will appear together with all posts tagged with the same football connections BUT will not appear under the tag “transfer of De Ligt to Juventus”.