Tennis Ranking Widget

The Tennis Ranking Widget lets you show tennis players' rankings from various tournaments in your project. You can add this info to Articles, Videos, or Galleries.

Note: When you select a player, you'll zoom to a page with stats, news, and cool stuff about that player.

Benefits of the Tennis Ranking Widget:

  • Everywhere display: Slide it into stories, videos, or photo spots.
  • Learn more: A single tap takes you deeper into a player's world.
  • Your style: Make the widget look just right for your readers.

Adding the Tennis Ranking Widget to your posts

1. Navigate to Sportal365 CMS.

  • Launch Sportal365 CMS.
  • Select Articles (or Videos, or Galleries).

2. Add the widget to an article.

  • Select the article you wish to edit.
  • Navigate to Tennis Widgets > Tennis Ranking Widget.
3. Set it up.
  • In the Limit field, you decide how long or short the ranking list should be. Type your number here.

4. Finish up.

  • All set? Select Save Block.

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