Tennis Single Event Widget

Display all available information about a selected tennis match, integrated with odds.

The Tennis Single Event widget lets creators display information about past, upcoming, or interrupted games in their articles, videos, and galleries.

Adding the Tennis Single Event Widget

To add a Tennis Single Event widget to the body of your post:

  1. Select + icon > Tennis widgets > Tennis Single Event widget.

Tennis single event widget (2)

2. In the Player box, enter a player (s) you want to display information for.

3. Select whether you want to show information about Upcoming games, Past games or Interrupted games.

Note: You can display information about the matches between two specific players by entering their names in the Player box. 

4. If you want to display odds, check the Display odds box and select a bookmaker.

5. When done, select Save block > Preview in the upper right corner.

Note: We’ve improved the widget preview capabilities. We’ve isolated the widget so it can load faster and whenever there is a problem loading, it won’t affect the performance of the entire CMS.