Ways to use our tech products

Thanks to its micro-services architecture, Sportal365’s components can be used to meet different needs.

CMS and Football API

Naturally, if you use our CMS, there is no going around it but to use our Football API (and Content API). The CMS works with both APIs to let you create articles with integrated editorial content, sports data, and social media.


Only Football API

The Football API, however, can be used independently from the interface of the CMS.

Some companies have the resources to develop proprietary content management systems and want to only take advantage of the data our Football API provides. This lets them create web pages designated solely for football statistics.

To do so, companies interact and access our Football API directly, without using the Sportal356 CMS.


Only Widgets

Widgets can also be used independently from our CMS.

In such scenarios, a company already uses a content management solution but wants to improve the quality of its articles by integrating sports-specific statistics about players, games, tournaments, and so on.

Widgets become part of the company’s website, so to speak, who "talk" to the Football API to fetch the necessary information. Normally, to embed a widget into an article you need to paste the embed code.


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