YouTube sports

Add YouTube Sports blocks as supporting material to the body of all three main content types–Articles, Galleries, and Videos.

If you’ve enjoyed integrating Dugout videos into your content, you’re going to love YouTube sports.

YouTube sports lets you search and add any video in YouTube’s sports category to your post without leaving your editing screen. It could be football, basketball, e-games, or any sports-related video.

We’ve added a YouTube sports block under the Content category for quick access and integration into your Article / Video / Gallery.

You can add YouTube sports videos as supporting content or as the main media* of your post.


*In addition to adding YouTube sports videos as supporting content, soon you will be able to add them as main media from the Media tab of your content properties, similarly to the way Dugout videos are added. See Dugout.

Adding YouTube sports videos as supporting content 

To add a YouTube sports video as supporting content, you need to add a YouTube sports block to the body of your post:

  1. Open an Article, Video, or Gallery.

  2. Go to the body and select + icon to add a video block.

  3. From the menu choose Content -->YouTube Sports.


4. When the block opens, type in a football team you want to find videos for.


Note that you can search for any type of video, not just football.

5. A list of videos related to your query will appear. To add the video you want, hover over it and select the "+" that will appear.


Note that you can preview your video before saving it, and copy the embed code to use it somewhere else.